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Dear leader,

  How do you do!

  I assure you, with the conscience of a people's teacher and social citizen, that my student XX. XX is an outstanding student who has talent and ambition.

  First of all, XX has a high moral quality and personality. She has a heart to her heart, and any improvement in her own quality can be pursued with great optimism. She focuses on social life, loves her country and loves life and everything around her. She respects her teachers and others. She always tries her best to be perfect. Therefore, she has strong cohesion and charisma in the masses and in the team. The character is cheerful and quiet, the person is kind and honest and simple and tolerant, and is very good at doing things.

  In her studies, she was called "chang sheng general" by her classmates. Her excellent grades, on the one hand, are due to her intelligence, on the other hand, her correct attitude and scientific learning methods. At ordinary times, she pays attention to the extension of listening, reviewing and extracurricular knowledge. She attaches great importance to the integration of knowledge, regardless of the vertical integration of each subject, or the horizontal integration between different disciplines, she will explore with her heart. She is good at learning the knowledge of death, even if it is pure memory, she will try to find out the rules, and really can't learn without methods. So she learns to live and learn.

  In life she is a good girl, enjoying the good life habit, life full and well organized, have a rigorous attitude to life and life style, passionate and generous, honest and trustworthy, ready to help others, with principles of good life itself, can get along well with your colleagues. Take part in various extracurricular activities, so as to enrich my experience.

  In thought, she and the party central committee continue to be consistent, adhere to the four cardinal principles, conscientiously study three represents important thought. Motivated by heart, love the motherland and the people, support the leadership of the communist party of China, support the guidelines and policies, abide by the laws of the state laws and regulations and the rules by heart to the party organization, submit to party membership application form; I have a strong sense of self-criticism and self-criticism, and have set up the correct outlook on life and values. Obey orders, command the audience.

  I would like to ask the leading experts to give this excellent girl a chance to show her talent.

  Referee: XXX


Dear Sir/Madam,

  Thank you for agreeing to write on behalf of this candidate who is applying for admissions to the MSc in Applied Finance Programme at Singapore Management University. The Admissions Committee highly values your assessment of the applicant’s previous work history and potential for leadership in the future. The most helpful evaluations include specific examples of the past performance, and detailed descriptions of the applicant’s intellectual abilities and personal qualities. Evaluations that present a balanced view of the applicant will assist the Committee in distinguishing the very best candidates from a pool of highly qualified applicants.

  Please complete the information requested on both pages of this form. Your comments will be held completely confidential. You may email the form to us at XX or mail it to the following address:XX

  Alternatively, you may seal the envelope and write your signature across the seal on the envelope flap. The applicant will submit the sealed, signed envelope to us as part of completed application package.

  Evaluations are an integral part of the selection process, and we sincerely thank you for your efforts on behalf of this applicant.

  your sincerely,



Dear Sir or Madame,

  It is with great pleasure that I write to recommend Courtney Alexander to you. I have known Courtney for the pst two years and have had the pleasure of having her in my United States History class during her junior. In the class she ws one of the most outstanding students.

  At the semester final she earned high grade of 91, which should be A according to our grading system. I also found her good at other studies. After classes, she had personal talks with me many times. She indicated a great interest in teching. During tht time I found her to be a bright, diligent, friendly youn woman.

  Besides, Courtney is not afraid of hard work, and is a team plyer. Her ability to work with her clssmates is a special quality that will benefit her as she moves on to the next level. Throughout the year, she worked cooperatively with those seated around her in reviewing notes, going over possible examination materials, and working through some of the more difficult concepts.Through her contributions to my class, the pro

  missing young girl helped not only herself, but also others around her who were not progressing and improving as quickly as she could. Courtney Alexander is undoubtedly a student with the potential for great success at the next level.

  In my opinion, Courtney Alexander was born a teacher, which can be further developed and she is sure to give all of you a big surprise in the years to come. so I enthusistically recommend her for admission to your university.

  If you have any questions or concerns in regards to Courtney, plese feel free to contact me at……. Thank you for your time.


























Dear Sir Or madam,

  Hello, I am XXX, general manager of XXX company. I am very glad and gratified to learn that XXX, a good employee of our company, wants to study abroad. In my opinion, such a young man should understand that good education has a brighter future. Therefore, I am honored to strongly recommend this outstanding youth to your university.

  XXX had come to my company to report an internship in his senior year. Although not very familiar with the business, the work experience is relatively short. But he never gave up the opportunity to learn. I can read more books about business in my spare time, and seek advice from other employees. Gradually, he began to master the business and achieve the necessary results. He was not satisfied with his pride. Instead, he remained open to discussing and discussing with his colleagues until he found a solution. In view of his excellent performance in the internship, our company has made an exception for him as a formal employee (usually my company does not think about fresh graduates).

  At this moment, as a business elite in my company, XXX is more conscientious, responsible and diligent. Set an example for all colleagues. As a result, he was awarded the excellent employee of the company and enjoyed a high bonus.

  Although to some extent, so talented staff will set foot on the road of study abroad is the loss of my company, but think about his future, I am still not hesitate to support him to your university for further study. I sincerely hope that your school can support him equally and give him a chance to improve himself to realize his dream. Thank you very much.

  General manager: XXX


  Dear brown,I am very happy to recommend my good friend Li Ming to your company. He has a college degree and majored in network engineering. He is fluent in foreign languages and Japanese.

  He is an enthusiastic and enterprising young man. He is good at solving problems and logical thinking. I believe that if he can work for your company, I strongly recommend him to your company Sausage.





  Mr She

  is going to pursue her further education as a postgraduate in September this

  year In the last

  four years, she studied hard and got excellent grads in exams In addition, she has a very pleasant

  and favorable personality that helps her building good relationships with

  other Will

  you please consider my recommendation and offer her a position in your company?

  Your favorable consideration and

  assistance to her would be appreciated.

  Sincerely yours,

  David Brown





















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Dear President,

  It is a great honor tor me to introduce to you one of my excellent students,Miss Li Jing,a z1-year-old graduate of our institute this year.Miss Li entered our institute in 20xx and she has been hard-working at her lessons and made rapid progress.During the four years of study,she has always ranked high in her class.In 20xx,she came out first at the National College Students English Speech Contest.Coming from a family of English teachers,Miss Li has a particular interest in the teaching of English.It is her wish to further her studies on linguistics as well as the English language.It will certainly be of great help to her if she could have such a chance to study in your institute.

  With best regards.

  Yours sincerely,

  He Jin



  我非常荣幸能向您推荐我最优秀的学生之一——李静。她今年21岁,是我们学院的一名毕业生。李静于20xx年入我院,从那开始她一直努力学习,进步很快。 在四年的学习过程中,她一直在班上名列前茅。20xx年她在全国大学生英语演讲比赛中获得第一名。来自英语教师之家的李静对英语教学有着特殊的'兴趣。 正是她本人的愿望使得她想在语言学以及英语语言上继续深造。 如果能够得到在贵学院学习的机会对她来说将是很大的帮助。





  DearBrown, IamverygladtorecommendLiMing,mygoodfriend,forajobinyourcompany.HeisagraduatefromBeijingIndustryUniversity.HismajorisComputerSoftware.Inthepastfouryearshehasgotthefirstgradescholarshipforfourtimes.AndthisyearhegotthetitleoftheExcellentGraduate. Henotonlystudieswellbutalsohasgreatcapacity.Heisgoodatsolvingdifficultproblemswithlogicalmind.Ithinkthathehasgreatpotentialities.Ifhecanjointhecompany,hewillbeabletogivefull





  I am writing this letter to recommend Andy, one of my best friends. He is good at English and mathematics. He is always willing to help his classmates.

  He is also a kind person. He always takes time to take care of the children nearby on weekends. He also helps the old people's home in the past few summers.




  On behalf of…, I have the honor to invite you to…

  It is with the great pleasure that I write to cordially invite you to…


  I do hope that you will be able to come.

  We should be very pleased if you could honor us with your company.




  I am writing to you to recommend … for …

  I take great pleasure in recommending to you … as …

  I would like to present … for your consideration in your search for …

  With reference to your requirements, I shall, without reservation, recommend … as an ideal candidate.


  I am confident/ convinced that …

  I strongly recommend him to you with no reservation.

  Therefore, I do not hesitate to recommend her as an ideal candidate for the post you advertised.


  Directions: One of your friends wants to apply for a job involving working with foreign teenagers. Write a letter:

  1) Recommend him/her,2) Describe his/her past experience,3) Explain the reasons.

  Dear Sir or Madam:

  I am writing to you to recommend one of my best friends, Zhou Botong, for this post. With his outstanding leadership and cheerful personality, he was elected chairperson of the Student Union of Fudan University several times.

  Busy as he was, he completed his major, teenage psychology, with an outstanding school record. Upon graduation he was assigned to be a teacher in Fudan Middle School. What's more, he loves his job and enjoys working with children. This has won him great popularity among his students.

  Therefore, I do not hesitate to recommend him as an ideal candidate for the post you advertised. I am sure you will make a wise decision in hiring him.

  Yours sincerely,Li Ming


  Dear Sir or Madam:

  As the dean of Electronics Engineering College of Heilongjiang University, Mr.

  Lynd Dong‘s teacher as well, I fully recommend Mr.

  Lynd Dong, once my student, to further his major study in your University.

  First of all, I‘d like to tell you that Dong is one of the most excellent students whom I have met in our department.

  Impressed by his versatility, I am also especially touched by his conscientious way of study and splendid academic records.

  I taught him such courses as electronic circuit and computer fundamentals, during which he showed himself as being active in thinking and original in viewpoint.

  And after class he often came to visit me to discuss problems, some of which seemed to go beyond the teaching program though.

  Dong operated experiments effectively, for which he, as the only student representative, was admitted into the teachers‘ scientific research to develop railway communications system.


  Dong is diligent and intelligent.

  Our department implements difficult courses and strict exams, for which many students fail in the exams.

  Dong nevertheless remains the top 3% among his classmates, occupying the No.

  1 position in the comprehensive ranking upon graduation.

  Once nearly half of the students failed in Mathematical Method, while Dong scored 97, impressing many teachers.


  Dong is also active in daily life.

  Playing the violin and drawing pictures well, he is optimistic and always ready to offer help.

  Being a born leader, all the students were willing to be engaged with him.

  He was thus elected as the head and general secretary of the department of science and technology.

  Under his leadership, the radio team worked smoothly and effectively, getting the award of Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress.

  As an excellent student leader, he built up the bridge between teachers and students.

  In short, Mr.

  Dong, as an outstanding young man, has showed great potentialities in academic learning.

  He will surely be the pillar of the state if he gets enrollment in your University for further study.

  I strongly recommend him and will appreciate your assistance to his application.

  Should you need any further information about this promising young man, please feel free to contact me.

  Yours sincerely,

  Ph.D.of HIT

  Professor of Heilongjiang University


Dear Sir or Madam,

  I’m Li hua in Class 8, grade 3. From the notice put up on the wall in our school, I have learned that our school radio station needs an English broadcaster. Here I was writing to you to recommend myself.

  I take interest in broadcasting and am willing to work as a volunteer program host. Moreover, the training course I took makes it easy for me to work as an English broadcaster. / I have attended the course about the skills in broadcasting and taken some professional training in the past five years. Now I would like to put what I have learned into practice. / I am eager to have the opportunity to work as a broadcaster so that I can apply what I learned to practice. I am particularly good at spoken English.

  So I hold the belief that I am quite suitable for the post. I would appreciate it if you give me the chance to work for our radio station.

  Look forward to your reply soon.





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